About Elia

Italian artist Elia Luigi Micheletto has shown since childhood a great passion for music.
He started singing and playing the piano when he was only 6yo but he soon turned to the instrument which most fascinates him: The Drums.
Thanks to his natural qualities he started early attending schools of music and seminars with internationally recognized drummers: Virgil Donati, Terry Bozzio, Dennis Chambers, Gregg Bissonette, Chad Smith, Ian Paice, Mike Portnoy…etc.
He attended various Masters organized by Dom Famularo, Virgil Donati, Skip Hadden, Horacio"El Negro"Hernandez, Mike Mangini, John Blackwell, Steve Smith, Sergio Bellotti, Mike Terrana, Thomas Lang, Tommy Campbell, Marco Minneman, Omar Hakim…and many more… Until he got to the Accademia di Musica Moderna in Milan, where he studied with Franco Rossi, Luca Turolla, Camillo Colleluori, and Giorgio Zagner.
During his studies he had the opportunity to participate at the “LT Percussion Project”, where he played with important musicians such as Dudù Kouate (from Africa), Danilo Mineo and many others. His great passion for the drum brung him to study the spectacular technique of the “Top Secret Drum Corps" with Massimo Nasorri, moving back and forth between Italy and Switzerland.
While he was studying (between 2003/2007), Elia has toured with many bands, playing Metal, Pop, Folk for the most, with a variable average of 50/70 shows per year. During 2008 he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and had the opportunity to learn the personal exclusive method of Mike Mangini's, (drummer for Steve Vai, Extreme, Annilator, James LaBrie and recently, 2010 with the Dream Theater). At the Berklee College of Music he also studied with Dave DiCenso, who taught him how to spiritually approach the instrument, Sergio Bellotti, from whom he made a careful study of various styles, just to name a few.
"Extreme Drumming", which consists in performing some aspects of the instrument at extreme levels: hands/feet technique, independence and coordination. This attitude and determination to push the boundaries of drumming best exalts his skills and demonstrates the great empathy he has for this instrument.

Having studied one aspect of Extreme Drumming with Mike Mangini, Elia start to explore and research tribal rhythms, he discover different music from africa, cuba and brazil.
After a while he decided to specialise in the "One Man Band Orchestra" concept with recognized Australian drummer Grant Collins (in 2008/2009).
Elia's love for the music and for all the music's forms, pushed him to learn and develop a lot of styles. Recently while touring in the US, he has the chance of spend time with great drummers like, Skip Hadden legendary fusion drummer (for Weather Report), Dom Famularo who took Elia’s technique into an higher level of control (Recognized World Clinician), Mark Walker latin grammy awards (for Paquito De Rivera), John Hazilla (one of the best master of brushes) Alberto Netto (who showed him the gorgeous music from Brazil), John Riley (a legendary Jazz Master), Kim Plainfield superb fusion drummer (Professor at Berklee College, Chairman at The Drummers Collective, Clinician), Daniel Glass who demonstrates him a variety of classic styles like “ragtime”, “rhythm & blues”, “classic swing” etc…, Jim Payne, Ray Marchica and other great performers. Until today Elia's thirsty for the language of the music never stop.

Actually Elia is performing and recording with bands/artists of various musical genres: Rock-Metal, Fusion, Funk, Latina, Progressive, World/Music, Pop-Alternative/New wave, Folk, Blues, R&B, Musical.